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COMET Schleifscheiben GmbH, St. Ingbert, Germany

Our main supplier of conventional grinding wheels, alu-oxides, ceramic alu-oxides and silicon carbides ranging from 50 mm up to 950 mm. COMET is a family owned company in Germany and one of the first to implement ISO 9002 Quality Assurance in 1994. Their particular strength is induced porosity, providing the best characteristics for chip-removal, high stockremoval and easy elimination of chips in the wheel by efficient coolant supply to the wheel surface. This porosity also reduces friction and improves self-sharpening of the wheel. The achievement is faster cycles and improved cost/performance ratio.

COMET is offering the perhaps best flexibility in the market by using cage oven and they can in fact supply any wheel spesification by Express Service within 10 working days! Their normal delivery is 5 weeks, being very fast in today's market.

By a continuous focus and implementation on new technology COMET today is a fast growing company and enjoy supplies to well-known companies like Daimler-Chrysler, Peugeot, Waldrich-Coburg, Caterpillar, British Steel, Alusuisse, Volvo and Snecma to mention a few. We have a wide list of references in Norway.    


ASHAI Diamond Industrial Europe S.A.S (Triefus ADIE)

Our main supplier of CBN and Diamnond wheels, located in Chartres CEDEX outside Paris. Wheels being ceramic, resin bonded or galvanic/electro-plated up to 750 m are supllied, a few also to norwegiasn customers. They are indeed competitive in technology and price and we gain new customer daily in Norway. Delivery times are as short as 3-5 weeks, depending on type and size. 


PHOENIX Abrasive Wheel Co. Ltd, England

Phoenix is our specialists on shellac wheels especially suited for roll grinding. In particular on older machines being less sturdy. They also are strong on wheels for grinding Wolfram carbide Stabilizers for the offshore industry and grinding segments for surface grinders.


Meister Schleifmittelwerk AG, CH - 8450 Andelfingen, Sweitzerland

A well-known high quality manufacturer of internal grinding wheels, both conventional and CBN / Diamond wheels. We have sucessfully supplied special wheels to offshore applications on materials like Super Duplx and bronze/brass. 


Guillaume-Werk GmbH - ATLANTIC, Bonn - Grmany

For us a very reliable supplier of larger wheels up to 1.100 mm both alu-oxides, cubitrons and silicon carbides. They have good expertise on crank shaftbgrinding as wel as greinding exoticx materiales like Duplex and Inconel.




Olav Brunborgsvei 27, N-1396 Billingstad, tlf. 66 85 93 94 - fax. 66 85 93 95 - henor@henor.no - www.henor.no