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Hans Streuli AG, CH - 6340 Baar, Switzerland.

Our most frequently used supplier of filtration systems mainly paper filter units with or withoiut magnetic drums with gravity control. Unit ranges from 50 l/min -0,4 m2 area up to 500 l/min - 4,0 m2 area. Where higher outputs are required e.g. in production grindsing we recommend endless hydrostatic units, providing even better filtration and higher outputs as well as far less maintenance.

Fine-filters are often installed as supplements to larger units, if in particular fine filtration is required e.g. < 5 - 10 microns. These are economical and compact units, and also easy to operate.

STREULI is the "house-supplier" to well-known machine manufactures like STUDER, KELLENBERGER and MÄGERLE.



 Filtration units especially suited for media difficult to filtrate, like glass, HM, ceramics, graphites etc. in production applications uip to approx. 100 l/min flow rate. Extremely easy to operate based on separation of particles by high speed rotor system where the paticles are guided on to the wall of a bucket in dry condition.and when filled simply emptied without any sludge. The beauty of it all  no repalcements of filters, paper rolls, etc.

 We have successfully supplied a Turbo separator to Frank Mohn Fusa A/S in conjunction with a 2R 175 x 1000 mm KELLENBERGER production machine grinding ceramics.  



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