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Training courses in grinding

Often training courses are linked basically to the grinding wheel ehich bery often rules out the importance of elements like coolant, machine dressing, etc.

To provide knowledge of the interaction of all impoortant elements in the grinding process we include for both the wheel ( composition, types, applications and characteristics) - types of dressing and dressing devices - the coolant supply and filtration problems - grinding processes (surface/profile, external, face and internal grinding, tool grinding) and process parameters all viewed in relation to each other and the grinding itself.

Courses are supported by comprehensive documentation on CD-ROM in norwegian.

It is our experience that customers benefit from these courses providing a far better understanding of the full grinding process and all influencing elements. In particular the importance of coolant supply is better considered as modern machines allow for high pressure supplies, without the well-known 'splashing' leading to choked coolant supply on older machines. Hence the grinding process becomes far more efficient and less costly.

 Typically such courses are ran over 4-5 hours at customers, with anything from 1 person up to larger groups. Our rates are for the course itself, not by numbers.  

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